The Wowel Story - old

Our story begins at one of our favorite places…the beach! In the summer of 2015, two mom friends vacationed with their kids on the Cape. They began exchanging ideas on how to get the most out of life and how it’s often the small things that make a big impact…like a dry bum on the beach!

Thus, began the brainstorming about a towel that could be soft and absorbent but also stay dry under any circumstances. Young, enthusiastic voices joined in and shared potential names for this simple yet innovative product. The name Wowel was born. At the time, the Wowel was just a cool idea but little did we know, it was bound to become something much bigger after we left the Cape and returned to everyday life.

Months after that trip, we decided to take the plunge and bring this product to life. After three years of tireless research, several prototypes and a search for the perfect manufacturing partner, the Wowel transitioned from an idea to reality.

Created by moms, made from a soft, waterproof PUL material and manufactured in Fall River, Massachusetts, the Wowel is a high-quality product that we are proud to share with other families in America and all over the world.

wowel waterproof towels

Wowel Uses

Waterpoof Dog Towels

Waterpoof Boat Towels

Waterproof Beach & Pool Towels

Waterproof Towels for Families

Wowel Waterproof Towels are Made in USA



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