The Wowel Story

Women-Owned Leadership

The Wowel Story begins on a Cape Cod beach in the summer of 2015. Two friends, who consider each other family, began talking about how things can get in the way of getting the most out of life. And how it’s often the small things that have the biggest impact.

After leaving the beach they began talking about a towel that could be soft and absorbent while staying dry and leaving the sand behind.

Months later the pair decided to bring their idea to life. With three years of research, several prototypes, and the search for the perfect manufacturer, their dream became a reality.

Manufactured in the USA

Today, Wowels are handmade at the Accurate Services textile mill in Fall River, Massachusetts. Accurate Services is a family-owned and operated textile factory operating out of Laurel Lake Mill overlooking Mount Hope Bay in Fall River, MA.

Every Wowel is cut, sewn, and carefully inspected by real people, not just machines. Craftsmanship isn’t a lost art—it’s just something we do with pride. We are proud of our Wowels and even prouder they are made here at home.


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